Sad loss of Alison Owens

Sadly, Alison Owens, aged 61, founder and ex-president of the Freesia Group, passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning, 30th January,  in Hospital Sant Joan in Reus, after a long battle with cancer.  The funeral service and cremation took place on Thursday, 1st February, at the Tanatorio in Reus.
Today we think of Alison
Our hearts are full of sadness
But she is calling down to us
‘Remember me with gladness’
Look back on all the many things
She did throughout the years.
Be grateful for her wonderful life
And look beyond the tears.
Alison is at peace now
Watching from above,
Never to be forgotten
Remembered fondly with love.
Mary Gladwin
Alison Owens sadly died on January 31st after fighting cancer for the past 5 or so years. Alison bore this with her usual forthright determination and zest for life, retaining her joyful optimism and direct Scottish candour to the end. I have known Alison for almost 40 years and her husband, Len for about 30 of those.
Alison was always bubbly, curious, wanting to be involved and to be doing everything. Her joy of life was infectious and she was always encouraging everyone to strive to do their best, whether this was work, play or social life. It was through skiing that Alison and I formed our strong friendship. I bumped into her at one of many student parties and I was quickly enrolled into many Highland weekends and other ski trips. We had lots of laughs together. At a celebratory dinner, I found a baby slug crawling out of my lettuce and Alison piped up Just proves it’s fresh, and the waiter waived the bill when asked if there was an extra charge for the added protein.
The joyful memories are many. Alison and Len were soul mates and they have been the perfect Ski Club couple complementing each other and being convivial hosts for many of the Ski Club’s Holidays. Family, colleagues and friends, about 200 in total, attended Alison’s funeral in Reus, near Barcelona. The Ski Club was represented by Simon Henwood, Jane Billington and myself.
While this was a sad event, the celebration of her life continued with anecdotes from her family and friends. The last thing that Alison would want for any of us is to be miserable and so I charge you with remembering the many happy times that she has given.
For any of you that wish to make a more formal gesture then I would ask two things. One that you consider making a donation to the Freesia Group which Alison was instrumental in setting up and which raises money to fight cancer and makes donations to Spanish and British Cancer Research. Secondly, if you have a joyful anecdote that you want to share, please email to me together with any photographs and I will compile into An Appreciation of Alison to be given to Len. Finally, I mourn her passing, but I am glad that she was my friend.

Don Henderson