Welcome to the Freesia Group! Bienvenido al Grupo Freesia!

The first Wednesday of each month we get together for a meal, usually at a different venue. This is a great opportunity to meet your friends, make new ones, and bring along your ideas for raising funds for the two cancer charities we support – the AECC (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer) and the CNIO (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas). All nationalities are welcome.
The Freesia Group is entirely voluntary. It is made up of many nationalities, and although we are a multi lingual group, English is the common language. We regularly organise events to raise money for cancer charities in Spain. In November 2002, a group of local people who had been affected in some way by cancer organized a Christmas Fair. We then decided to call ourselves the “Freesia Group”. Since then, we have raised over €100,000 for Spanish cancer charities in the short time we have been operating.
We are based mainly around Salou and the surrounding area, in the Tarragona province.
Our main events are the Family Fun Run in Salou, first held in May 2005, which is now an annual event. In 2006, over €13,000 was raised, almost double the amount from the previous year. The last Fun Run was held on Sunday, 6th May, 2007, when approximately €10,000 was raised.
Another big event is the annual Christmas Fair in November – this year it raised over €9,000. The 6th Fair will take place on Saturday, 24th November 2007.
Our newest major event was the 1st Annual Gala Dinner Dance to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, which was held at the Club Nautico, Salou, on Friday, 16th February, 2007. In all, over €4,300 was raised. One hundred and forty people of all nationalities participated.
Many other events have helped to raise funds, including excursions, car boot sales, treasure hunts, sponsored walks, collection boxes, garden parties, barbecues, bonfire night parties, quiz nights, and live entertainment days. Also there are sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and key rings with the Group’s logo for sale. Successful events are repeated and new ideas tried.
We are grateful for all the support we receive from the many volunteers and local businesses, media, and local government. People from all walks of life get involved with the Freesia Group. We are proud of our efforts and are hoping to expand. We are always looking for new volunteers to join in and help. If anyone has a little spare time and would like to help to organize or support fund-raising events, or if you have any ideas for new ones, then the Freesia Group would be delighted to hear from you.  
Elaine McParland, President.
For information and enquiries contact:
Pamela Gené (Secretary- Vila Seca).  Tel. 977 395 064 or 620 213 898 info@freesiagroup.com
Elaine McParland (President –  Alcover).  Tel. 977 846 125 or 619 637 795 elaine@eirescot.com
Jennifer Struthers (Treasurer – Altafulla). Tel. 977 650 309 jennifer@tinet.org
General Committee
Tosca Newton-Shorey (Roda de Bara) 977 809142  tanssa@terra.es
Alistair Adam (Roda de Bara) 977 809142  tanssa@terra.es
Beverley Burgess (Vila Seca) 977 395395 or 677 320 745  Alex_burgessuk@hotmail.com
Les Ball (Perelló) 619 905 609
Liz Ball (Perelló) 619 905 609
Marjorie McDougle (Perelló) 650 318157
Yvonne Winder (Perelló) 86 803 170
All proceeds go to cancer charities
Toda la recaudación se dona a asociaciones que trabajan contra el cáncer.