Próximos Rastrillos del Freesia Group

 Los próximos Rastrillos se celebrarán los siguientes domingos en 2018 :

15 abril, 17 junio, 16 septiembre, 18 noviembre 09.30 – 13.00

Delante del Ayuntamiento de Salou. Vehiculos entrada de 08.00-09.00 por c/Pere de Gales (al lado del CAP)

 ¡Reserva un puesto con bastante antelación!   Plazas limitadas.

COMPRADORES – ¡venid a ayudar una gran causa!

Se debe proporcionar el nombre, apellidos, DNI, NIF, NIE o numero del pasaporte. También numero de teléfono y dirección e-mail y una lista aproximada de lo que vende.

Los 10 euros del puesto se destinará al GRUPO FREESIA CONTRA EL CANCER.  Los beneficios de las ventas son suyas! 

Los áreas para aparcar los coches son de 4m x 3m, suficiente para un coche de tamaño normal con una mesa de 2 m delante. Se debe traer su propia mesa y se puede poner barra para colgar ropa.  No se puede poner mantas ni sabanas en el suelo. ¡No se permite furgonetas y vehiculos grandes!  El precio es de 10 Euros por puesto (para el Freesia Group), que se paga en la entrada.

Este es un rastrillo y NO un mercadillo! Todos los artículos en venta deben ser de segunda mano y propiedad personal del vendedor. Algún artículo artesano es aceptable pero no se puede vender sólo artesanía. Estrictamente prohibidos son comerciantes profesionales.  Los vendedores deben ser responsables por su propio genero y deben firmar una declaración que los artículos en venta  no son robados ni sacados de los depósitos de ropa.


Hay WCs públicos en el polígono deportivo. Habrá patrulla de Policía Local durante el Rastrillo.

Información sobre los “Car Boot Sales” (Rastrillos)

El Freesia Group es un ONG legalmente registrado. Ubicado en Salou, fue fundado en 2002 con el fin de recaudar fondos para asociaciones de cáncer en España. Todos los beneficios se destinan a las tres asociaciones que apoyamos: la AECC en Tarragona, el CNIO en Madrid y la AFNOC, Tarragona (Nens amb Cancer). Nuestro grupo está dirigido por un equipo de voluntarios, donando su tiempo y energía para una causa tan digna. Los primeros rastrillos (Car Boot Sales) se llevaron a cabo hace unos diez años en el Paseo Marítimo y el año pasado en varios bares en Salou. Ahora, tenemos un sitio fijo en frente del ayuntamiento (donde se celebran los mercadillos los lunes). Los voluntarios del Freesia Group organizan el evento, colocan carteles, recaudan el dinero, controlan los vendedores del mercado y también llevan una parada de tentempiés calientes y refrescos en el mismo Rastrillo.

Somos pocos voluntarios – tenemos nuestras vidas, empleos, familias y no podemos organizar más eventos que los 6 por año.  Pedimos que todos los involucrados pasen la palabra sobre los “Car Boot Sales”.

El “Car Boot Sale” es un pequeño evento benéfico y NO un mercadillo. Todo el dinero recaudado para  los puestos se destina a las asociaciones contra el cancer que apoyamos.


El Freesia Group

Next Freesia Group Car Boot Sale!

The next Car Boot Sales will be on the following Sundays in 2018:
 15th April, 17th June, 16th September, 18th November
9.30 am to 1.00 pm

Because of the popularity of the event it is advisable to book your pitch well in advance.

Only pre-bookings by website will be accepted.  Contact

In the car parks in front of the Salou Town Hall – c/Arquitecte Ubach & del Mar.  Entrance on C/Pere Gales, in front of the CAP. Vehicles  – entrance 08.00-09.00 by C/Pere de Gales (beside the CAP).

In case of rain, we will decide on the morning of the Car Boot, not before.

Book your pitch for €10 –  4m x 3m –  sufficient for a standard car & a table of 2m.  NO BLANKETS OR SHEETS ON THE GROUND!!  TRAILERS AND LARGE VANS NOT ADMITTED.

You will then receive a confirmation and a booking number. Your full name, NIF, NIE or passport number must be supplied, plus a contact telephone number and e-mail address.


All pitch proceeds go to FREESIA GROUP FOR CANCER CHARITIES.  All profits on sales are yours!

Information re Car Boot Sales organised by The Freesia Group

Most of us know the concept behind car boot sales after years of experience in the UK.  Unfortunately this is not the case with many of our interested participants over here. To avoid future problems this to all potential interested car booters.

A car boot sale is where an organisation rents out plots on a site for the purpose of selling THEIR OWN USED GOODS FROM THE BOOT OF THEIR CAR TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  The police have asked us to appeal to everyone not to take clothes from the clothes containers.

In our case we have received the permission of the Salou Town Hall to hold these sales and we reserve the right to accept or refuse permission of entry.

The Plots. The plots are 4m wide and 3m deep, sufficient to hold a normal size car (parked  vertically with the table next to it) and a table of 2m.  The cost is 10 Euros, which goes to the Freesia Group and then to the three charities that we support  (see information below).  Any larger vehicles will be charged accordingly.   A table or a clothes rail is acceptable within the 4m x 3m area.

What you can sell – this is a car boot sale and not a market. The items for sale must be personally owned by the seller and should be second hand. Traders/market traders are strictly not allowed. All sellers must take total responsibility for the items they are selling and sign a disclaimer to state that they are the rightful owners of the goods and that none are stolen.

The area is open to the public from 10 am till 2 pm and to the sellers from 8 am. Area 1 is the main area (c/ del Mar and will take about 70 sellers).  The second area is the continuation of this street  (Arquitecta Ubach). Bookings are on a strictly first come, first served basis, and anybody turning up on the day without a pre-booking will not be allocated a spot until all pre-booked sellers are in situ. The 10 Euro fee is payable at the entrance.

All sellers must clear up after themselves –  bins are available across the road. The public toilets in the bar of the Sports Pavillion are open.  The local police will be patrolling and on hand to move on any persons not complying with these rules.

Publicity. A4 and A5 posters are available for promotion and will be sent to all participants to copy and distribute as they wish. Information is sent to all local press and backed-up by the press department of the Town Hall. An event is set-up in the social media – Facebook and Twitter, and publicised on the Freesia Group and Town Hall websites. Any extra publicity is welcome.  Volunteers are needed to hand out posters.

About the Freesia Group. A totally legally registered, Salou based, non-profit organisation, founded in 2002/3, raising money for cancer charities in Spain. All profits go to the three cancer charities  we support –  the AECC in Tarragona, CNIO in Madrid and AFANOC in Tarragona. The group is run by a local team of VOLUNTEERS, giving their own valuable time and energy for this very worthy cause. Freesia volunteers organise the event, put up posters, collect the money, control the sellers, man the food, drink and the Freesia stalls, etc.

This is a small social charity event and NOT a market.  All the money collected goes to cancer charities and the ambiance of the event should be based on this.

Thank you.

The Freesia Group

Kay’s Annual Sponsored Walk 24 February 2018

Hello everyone.  This years sponsored walk will take place on Saturday February 24th.  Because of various holidays, the place is still not decided on but will be finalised by the end of this month, when I will let you know and attach the usual poster.
It would be lovely to see all the regular faces (careful not to use the word “old”) but also it would be great to see some new people.
The walk is open to everyone adults, kids and dogs alike…maybe it would be a cute idea to have your dog sponsored????
It will be an easy walk, as usual, as this old girl is getting older by the day and struggles to do too many “ups” (no comments please), of between 7 and 10 kms. As always it will be followed by a lovely lunch, in one of the local villages at the end of the walk.  It is always a great day and a fun way to raise money for the Freesia Group.  For those of you who can’t get sponsors  a small donation of €5 is asked.
I have attached a sponsorship form and am working on registering with “just giving” a website available for any of you who has family or friends in another country, who would maybe like to sponsor you.
As always all the sponsorship money goes to the registered Spanish cancer charities with whom the Freesia group is affiliated.
I look forward to seeing you all.

To book please contact Kay on