Kay’s Sponsored Walk 2019

Message from Kay:

Hello Everyone,

This year’s Sponsored Walk will be on Saturday 2nd March 2019 as I’m away in February.  Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer (not that it’s stopped us in the past) and as usual will be between 7 – 10 kms.  Easily doable for all walkers or even occasional walkers and will be a great social fun day out, ending with a lovely meal in a local restaurant.

Looking forward to seeing all my regular walkers and I would love to see some new people.  It’s a great family day, popular with all ages from kids to us slightly more mature people and of course our four legged friends.

It’s a sponsored walk of course, but for those of you who aren’t able to ask people to sponsor them, there is a request  for a minimum of €6.00 personal donation to take part.

As yet (as usual) I don’t know where we are going, but all will be revealed as soon as I know.  Please invite friends, family and anyone else who’d like to take part.  The more the merrier and the more successful support for the Freesia Group will be achieved.

Looking forward to a great walk.

For more information ring Kay – 877 000 1079 or 699 504 105 E-mail: beach_kay@hotmail.com

All the best.


Mercadillos para 2019/Car Boot Sales 2019

Las fechas de los Mercadillos de Segunda Mano 2019 serán:

  • Los domingos del 17 febrero, 28 abril, 16 junio, 15 septiembre, 17 noviembre

Dates of Car Boot Sales 2019 will be:

  •  Sundays 17th February, 28th April, 16th June, 15th September, 17th November


Nuevo Sitio de Freesia

New Freesia Website

freesia events logo

The Freesia Group has a new website to provide more information about the various events we organise throughout the year were you can find booking information, maps and more.

The name of the new website is: www.Freesia-Events.com

For more information about the next car boot sale in September, please visit: www.Freesia-Events.com to confirm your booking.

El Nuevo Sitio de Freesia

El Grupo de Freesia tiene un nuevo sitio web para más información acerca de los diversos eventos que organizamos durante todo el año donde usted puede encontrar información sobre reservas, mapas y mucho más.

El nombre de la nueva página web es: www.Freesia-Events.com

Para obtener más información sobre el próximo rastrillo en septiembre, por favor visite: www.Freesia-Events.com para confirmar su reserva.